About four months after my husband’s sudden and unexpected passing he came to me in a dream to let me know why he had died before his time.

The dream began as if it was any other day. Glenn and I were in his truck driving on Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles. Mulholland is a famous road atop the city with amazing views as it curves around large corners. It stretches from Malibu to downtown Los Angeles. You’d probably recognize it from car commercials on TV.

We were riding along as if Glenn was alive and well. I had no idea he was dead at this point. It felt and seemed so real. I was happy at that moment to be with Glenn again. Suddenly I noticed that he was pulling a beautiful black Stallion behind his truck. The poor horse was doing whatever it could to keep up. I told Glenn that it wasn’t safe to be doing this, yet he kept speeding up. I was more and more concerned for the safety of the horse. Glenn kept driving faster and faster and you could see the sweat coming off this gorgeous animal as it kept up with the speed of the truck.

I kept telling Glenn how worried I was about this and to please stop or the horse would die. Glenn wasn’t ignoring me, but he also didn’t seem concerned.

Then Glenn and the horse pulled over and told me that I couldn’t go with him and they drove off and disappeared out of site. I could see the city lights below me and knew exactly where I was. And then I woke up, startled.

I immediately thought about the last two weeks of Glenn life. He has taken on a second job because his beloved truck (the one in the dream), had seen its last days so he took on extra work (and more than he could handle), to earn enough money to fix it or get a new one.

I then realized that the very road that we were on in the dream was the road that Glenn took each day to those two jobs. One was located just above the city of Los Angeles, almost to the exact location where he dropped me off in the dream and the other was his FT job at the Getty Museum which was the exact opposite direction just off the very same road! I was stunned at this point, so I had to know more.

I jumped out of bed and grabbed my symbols book and looked up horses. This is what it said:

They’ll run forever

They’ll gallop till they die, they will…

(if we don’t say “stop.”)

They’ll live for us…just for us…

Their whole lives

I was stunned after reading this quote about horses because that was my Glenn. He’d been that horse! Never stopping, going, going, going until he dropped. All for the love of his family and providing for us.

It’s been six years since I’ve had this dream. It has stuck with me in every detail as if it was just five minutes ago. When this happens, you know you’ve had a visitation dream.

I knew this was a message from my beloved. My heart breaks thinking about all of this and it’s also full to know that was lucky enough to be loved and love such a wonderful man, my Stallion, Glenn!




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