I Packed Up My Memories & Took Them With Me!

At the end of the third year after my loss I moved from the house that my late husband I shared for over ten years to a local beach community about 10 miles down the coast.

I had to downsize and got rid of 80% of our belongings to fit into my place. This was tough to do! I was afraid the memories of our time together would disappear forever.

I feared before that move that time would take away my memories of us. I didn’t have many pictures of Glenn and only one 30 second video. Glenn was always on the other side of the camera and taking pictures of everyone else so the few I have of Glenn are very precious!

Evidently, this is common for the bereaved. I used to cling to time and the more that time went by the more this fear grew. I would watch that short video of Glenn over and over and look at his pictures and clothing as if they were going to disappear in front of me at any second.

Then year three turned to year four, year four moved to year five and now in year six I must tell you that the memories have not faded at all. I can see Glenn in my minds eye in a flash. His voice has not left either. I can hear his NY brogue as if he’s in the next room.

One thing that has changed, though is that the happy memories have increased, and the not so happy ones have faded over time. No matter where you are, no matter where you go after the loss of a loved one, I promise you that you can pack up your memories and take them with you! I know this to be true.


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