I Didn’t Believe it was Possible to Communicate with our Loved Ones on the Other Side Until it Happened to Me!

Do you think its possible to have an actual conversation with our loved ones on the other side?

If you ask a medium they will tell you yes, its absolutely possible to do this. I hear this often but I must admit I had doubts. The pattern usually goes like this, I have some sort of experience where it feels as if my late husband is near. Then times goes by and doubt creeps back in and I question what happened or justify and dismiss, until it happens again.

I’ve heard many times over from others that non-verbal communication is how it goes on the other side. “Its an instant knowing,” the “purest form of communication,” because the answers just come, immediately as if they are stamped in your heart and you just “know,” its true.

Most of the connections I’ve had have with my late husband have been dreams, a feeling he is near, a song will show up out of the blue that has deep meaning to us, lots of visual stuff like seeing an exact replica of his truck at poignant moments, synchronicities etc., but not actual conversations that I hear so much about.

In hindsight I dismissed the possibility of two way conversations with my late husband early on because it seemed so silly and fake. How could I really know it was Glenn talking to me? How could I know if I’m not just making it up? I never believed this was possible to do until it happened to me.

I’ve heard that when we cross over we become “all knowing,” in a big picture sort of way which leads us to know more than we did on earth. A good analogy of this would be to picture yourself on top of a mountain looking down at a river below. From your vantage point you can see where the river starts and ends and the direction it goes along the way but if you are at the river bank you can only see a short distance in any direction. Our loved ones on the other side have the vantage point of seeing the river from afar and we do not. This makes sense to me put this way.

So, the other day I was walking my dog, Hannah in our neighborhood and out of the blue I started thinking about how my late husband probably knows my faults now. He probably knows all of the bad thoughts I held, the times I was mean hearted and not a good wife. Guilt was creeping in big time. Then all of a sudden the words “And your virtues,” hit me like a ton of bricks in my heart! I stopped in my tracks, actually. I would never use that word but Glenn would. It was so real that I immediately knew it was Glenn communicating with me. No doubt about it and I am a big time skeptic at heart but there was no questioning that this was a two-way conversation with my late husband, Glenn. It was so real and so different than anything that’s ever happened to me before that I became an instant believer that we truly can communicate with our loved ones on the other side. You don’t need a medium or a mystic to help you, you can do it all on your own.

Once you experience this form of communication from your loved ones on the other side you will “just know,” like I did.



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