Goals and Living in the Moment

A lightbulb went off for me yesterday regarding my future.

I woke up early and started the day by joining a 6am Zoom meditation group. Since I was up so early, I decided to continue with this early productivity and joined an online yoga class right after. I then took my dog for a long walk and stopped by my community garden plot and did some tending to my budding little project of growing urban veggies.

As I walked back home, I felt a sense of belonging to myself. I sense of self-empowerment. Butterflies and chirping birds seemed to be everywhere and for a moment I forgot about this terrible virus and was living in the moment.

Then something happened. I started getting a download of ideas for my future. It was very specific to me and what I can do to better empower myself and take charge. Since my husband died 7 years ago, I’ve felt victim to the world of circumstances. What will happen for me when I am old? Will I be able to retire and be secure or will I be homeless and not able to provide? Many share these fears. I fight them.

This download of personal empowerment ideas kept coming to me throughout the day. By the time I went to sleep I already had a solid plan for myself that puts me more in charge of my future and it felt empowering and real!

I’ve struggled for years to come up something more substantial for my future. I was a single mom without support before I met my late husband. My late husband and I were workers. We were always working and seemed to be so caught up in day-to-day that preparing for our future was always on the back burner. Once we started making plans for retirement and things like that he died suddenly, and I was back to square one.

So, why did I suddenly get an “aha moment”? The likes of which may change my life as I know it. The actual subject doesn’t matter, really. I’m convinced it’s because I have been learning to live in the moment. With this staying at home and this horrible virus, life has become simple. I’ve learned to appreciate each moment, the smell of fresh coffee in the early morning, my dog Hannah resting next to me, a weekly Zoom call with my grandkids. These things have become gold and I embrace each of these moments.

I used to think that knowledge had to be taught or worked on. Never did I think that by living in the moment and taking each of these moments as they come could bring about self-empowerment, knowledge and fulfillment but it can. I didn’t have to read a book, take a course, go to a life coach or therapist. All I did was truly live in the moment and self-care, self-care, self-care and this knowledge just appeared. It was as simple as that!

I’m convinced that we can all do this. This knowledge is there for everyone because its already with you. All that needs to be done is to awaken this knowledge in yourself because its already there. Some things that can help:

  • Daily meditation. This can be as simple as sitting still each morning for 5-10 minutes and just focus on your breath.
  • Be creative.
  • Yoga (even yoga breathing and gentle stretching counts!).
  • Walks in nature.
  • Gardening (even growing a window box of herbs counts!)
  • Taking each “moment,” in life and making them meaningful and important.

These are just some of the things you can do to get your own “aha moment,” and download of information about yourself and what YOU can do to improve your life in every way!

Before my loss I never looked at life this way. I thought complexity was the way to go. I had it all backwards, really. Living in the moment seems to be the simple key to unlocking our own potential and true happiness. Its as simple as that!


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