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My blog post about “dreams,” from a few months ago has received more comments than all of my posts combined. So, I wanted to write some more about this fascinating topic.

I’ve had a recurring dream since as long as I can recall. It’s always the same, I’m living my life in a world similar to ours, however it’s a location I’ve never seen before or heard of. There are modern buildings and streets, cars, trains, swimming pools and more. I have a house, friends and even have parties. I know my way around and could describe almost every detail.

This dream has gone on for decades, even when I was a child I would go to this place at night. I even take vacations there. I’ve been to Italy, the South of France, a tropical island, a large city that looks like NYC and to many more far and away locations. All of which are similar to our world yet not.

Transportation is super quick, too. You do take transportation like a train or an airplane like we have on earth but its quicker and you arrive at your destination within minutes of departing. One such dream I wanted to go to Italy so I walked to the end of a pier not far from my home, boarded a boat and within minutes arrived in Italy where I spent the day sightseeing to return home that evening as quickly as I’d arrived. I’ve boarded many flights to Hawaii where I’ve met up with my late husband on a secluded beach. This happened many times and “before,” my late husband passed away. And always at the same secluded beach. We’d spend the day together swimming, sunbathing, eating tropical fruits and just enjoying each other and our beautiful surroundings. I even used to tell my late husband about these dreams. They seemed so real. Then once he died, I stopped meeting him at that place in my dreams. I kept going there at night like I always had but Glenn was never there.

Skip forward to the end of 2018. I’m widowed 5 years at that point. I was traveling on business in San Francisco when I had a freak accident where a 50-pound dolly came flying down a flight of stairs and hit me on the head. I experienced a severe concussion and almost lost my life that day. Even the ER physician commented that it could have been so much worse. I was lucky. Once released from the hospital I returned home to Los Angeles to recuperate.

My first night back at home I went to that place in my dream again. I was at a train station. I’d been there many times before. It was next to a large body of water. I think it was the South of France or someplace like that. This time Glenn was there to greet me. I remember being so excited to see him. I even remember thinking to myself in the dream, “Wow, Glenn is here!  This place is real after-all!” And then it dawned on me that this was most likely in the afterlife. I knew this in an instant and that I would return one day.

In this dream Glenn and I spent time getting reacquainted. We talked for hours about his passing, what it had been like for both of us. He also spent time helping me get accustomed to this new place. The laws of nature were different yet similar to what we have here on earth.  He got a kick out of how I would try and do things like we do here, and they didn’t work the same. I recall jumping into a large body of water expecting it to be like what we have here to only find out it wasn’t really water. Glenn was impressed that I was so courageous so quickly. “most are not,” he said.

What stuck with me the most was the feeling of love I felt, and the way Glenn looked at me with such adoring affection.

Then just as suddenly as I was there, I was gone but it wasn’t exactly like waking up from dreams I’d had before. Instead, Glenn let me know I had to go back, we both knew it, actually. He escorted me to some sort of turnstyle and when I walked through to the other side I was back in my bedroom at home, wide awake and standing up next to my bed as if I was never in my bed asleep.

It’s been over two years since I had that dream and it’s stuck with me as if it happened just five minutes ago. What does it mean, exactly?  I don’t have all the answers but what I do know is that when I was in this place that was all too familiar to me, the minute Glenn showed up I knew in an instant where I was, what it all meant and that I would return. It was as if all the dreams I’ve had in that place were real because that place is real.


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