Do You Believe in Life After Death?

Do you believe in life after death?

I used to be a non-believer in anything afterlife. This of course was before the love of my life died suddenly. When my late husband was alive and well it was easy for me to be what I now refer to as an “intellectual atheist.” And then when he was suddenly gone, this didn’t feel right to me. The thought that his light went out forever was not something that I was prepared to accept so I started searching for answers.

They say that there are two big questions for mankind: Are we alone? Is there life after death?

I’ve written a lot about the life after death stuff. Check out some of my blog pages about the afterlife and you can read some of what I’ve researched on this journey to find answers to this big question we all seek. In a few short months I went from atheist to a true-blue believer that we do survive bodily death and that somehow, some way, our consciousness does go on after the physical body dies.

For me, the most convincing evidence is first-hand accounts of near-death experiences. Just a quick Google search on the topic will bring up a lot of data (The U of VA studies Near Death Experiences, to name a few!)

The stories are similar the world over. Detailed and logical and not at all some rambling hallucination caused by the brain losing oxygen. They also tend to be filled with love and compassion that typically involve being met by loved ones who had gone before them. I remember thinking to myself when I read this for the first time, “This means I might actually see Glenn again!” After reading account after account about being greeted by loved ones who had died before them, I immediately stopped fearing death.

Six months after my husband’s sudden death I went to see a mental medium (see my resources page for some great referrals to mediums). It was mostly out of curiosity. I didn’t expect him to tell me anything more than “I miss you.” “I love you,” sort of general stuff. Instead, what I got was detailed descriptions of my late husband’s feelings. He was so accurate that I recall driving home stunned, tears running down my face. How in the heck could a stranger know such detailed information about how Glenn felt about life, about us?  How did he do this? None of this information could be found on the internet, none of it!

Six months after that I scheduled a telephone session with another medium who had been referred to me by a reputable source. This session was even more detailed than the one before. This lady in upstate NY that I’d never met or even heard of before, knew specific details about Glenn, his sudden passing, how me met and how he chased me like no tomorrow. How could this be possible unless it was true?

Did you know that there are first-hand accounts of someone having a near death experience, meeting a loved one on the other side that was alive to only find out after the NDE that said person had actually passed away without their knowledge beforehand! This takes away the mind reading hypothesis.

Dreams are another way of learning about the afterlife. Many bereaved people report having visitation dreams where their loved one/s on the other side visit them bringing messages. These dreams feel like real life and are usually long-lasting that many can report the details of such dreams, years, even decades later. I’ve had one such dream that I write about often (see my blog posts about dreams). I’ll never forget it, ever.

These are just a few methods of evidence of an afterlife. My feeling is that you must form your own opinion, do your own research, have your own personal experience/s to know for sure one way or the other. A simple way to do this is to simply close your eyes, focus on your breath and think loving thoughts of the loved one you want to connect with and just notice. You may be surprised at what you get. Give it a try and let me know if you make a connection. If you connect you will know. It’s as if each of us has a special frequency that’s just for us. Once you tap into this you will “just know.”  Trust me, you will know!

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