In the spring of 2013, my life changed in an instant. My husband Glenn suffered a fatal brain hemorrhage while I was out grocery shopping.

Happily married one moment and widowed the next, I was immediately thrown into this thing called grief without a clue of what to do. I thought something good would happen to even out the bad but quickly learned that things don’t work that way. Condolences quickly stopped after the funeral and life just kept moving forward, without Glenn in it.

To understand grief better, I started searching for answers immediately. I must have read over 50 books on grief the first few months after losing Glenn. They all left me flat. I felt most were written for depression. I missed my husband and just wanted our life back. I didn’t feel depressed. This pushed me to keep searching.

I also started researching the afterlife. I wanted to know what happened to him, where did Glenn go? Did the light go out forever or does his consciousness live on somehow? Science says that energy never dies, just changes form. This gave me hope and drive to dig deeper.

I’ve spent the last six years in deep research on all topics relating to grief, death, and the afterlife. I’ve spoken on multiple occasions where I stand on stage and talk openly about grief. I’ve been a guest on many international podcasts and I’m active on social media. I live on my own in Southern California and am currently finishing up a memoir entitled, “Finding Glenn.”

My research has shown that there are two things that help most with grief:

  1. Time
  2. Having an ongoing relationship with your loved one/s who have passed    (whatever this means for you).

Glenn was a beautiful man on the inside and out. He had figured out the secret to a happy life long before we met – living a simple life based on love where family and friends meant the most to him. After his sudden passing I made a conscious decision to live the rest of my life in his honor.

I am so happy to launch this website where I will share what I’ve learned with all of you!
Hope is one the way…


Grief & Afterlife Expert