Afterlife Research

When my husband died suddenly 6 years ago, I was an atheist and was convinced that when the body dies the light goes out forever.

Just two nights before Glenn’s fatal brain bleed, we were having one of our many late-night conversations in bed. Out of the blue I looked at him and said, “What would you do if when you die you wake up and you’re in line on a cloud waiting for your robe and harp?” Instead of laughing like most people would do, Glenn grabbed my hand, looked me in the eyes and said, “You will be okay.” His response stunned me. I thought I’d get a laugh. He was not sick or depressed. His life was over a few days later.

Being an atheist was okay when Glenn was alive. In hindsight I suppose I was an intellectual atheist. I’d never done any research into the matter, it just made common sense to me at the time. But when the love of your life dies, the idea that “the light goes out forever” is not a good one so I started researching everything afterlife that I could get my hands on.

I started my research with the atheists. I was confident that soon I would find that science had it all figured out and my research would be done. This didn’t happen. Instead I learned that science has no idea where consciousness comes from. They have no idea!

This only made me look further and what I found after years of research, was that consciousness does indeed survive physical death and that death is like walking into the next room, it’s as simple as that!

I’ve since discovered a whole world “afterlife.” This topic is no longer just for the “woo, woo new-agers.” Mankind has been searching for answers about life after death since the beginning of time. Many say the ancient cave paintings in Southern France, the great pyramids and Stonehenge are sites dedicated to the afterlife and honoring our ancestors who are in it.

Many accredited universities are studying consciousness, the afterlife, the validity of physic mediums and more. They all come to the same conclusion that we live on after our physical body dies. The University of Virginia is studying near death experiences, The University of Arizona studies physic mediums in their lab using triple blind studies and Stanford Research Institute studies remote viewing, to name a few.

Studies show that having an ongoing relationship with your loved ones on the other side helps with grief. And believe it or not, just reading about near death experiences helps too!

This research isn’t limited to universities, there are many the world over doing this important research on the afterlife. I will share them with you here.