Facing Greif Helps, Even Though it Hurts!

Holidays, Memories, Widow
I was recently asked to be a contributing writer for an article about celebrating/commemorating our loved one’s birthdays who have passed. This of course immediately made me think of my own bereavement journey. I’ll never forget my late husband’s first birthday after he passed. It was at about the 6-month mark. The shock had worn off and I was in the midst of staring grief right in the face! It was torture, really.  No one prepares you for this. I honestly had silly fantasies about grief that were not reality based. I used to think that something good would happen to balance out all the bad and quickly learned that life doesn’t work this way. Instead, life just keeps moving forward without our loved ones in it. I did however…
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Dreams, Love, Memories, Widow
About four months after my husband’s sudden and unexpected passing he came to me in a dream to let me know why he had died before his time. The dream began as if it was any other day. Glenn and I were in his truck driving on Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles. Mulholland is a famous road atop the city with amazing views as it curves around large corners. It stretches from Malibu to downtown Los Angeles. You’d probably recognize it from car commercials on TV. We were riding along as if Glenn was alive and well. I had no idea he was dead at this point. It felt and seemed so real. I was happy at that moment to be with Glenn again. Suddenly I noticed that he was…
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Holidays, Love, Memories, Widow
Tomorrow will be a holiday in the USA, Labor Day. It’s also the last unofficial weekend of summer. I remember the first Labor Day and last with my late husband, Glenn. The first Labor Day we were newbies. We had been dating about 6 weeks at that time. It was on Labor Day that I turned the corner with Glenn and knew he was worth keeping. Glenn had a friend who lived on the beach in Malibu and invited us to spend the day. Since this was private property dogs were allowed on the beach so my dog, Scout came along. The fact that Glenn included my dog was a big win in my eyes. I was really starting to like this guy, I thought as we headed north on…
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