Grief Dialogues
A new conversation about death, dying & grief.

One Legacy
Savings lives through organ, eye & tissue donations.
My late husband, Glenn was a donor and helped 127 people!

Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement
The founder is a Sandyhook mother.

Forever Family Foundation
A great resource for the newly bereaved. Science & spirituality work hand in hand to find answers about the afterlife.

Compassionate Friends
Support for all those who have lost a child (regardless of age).
A lawyer & his wife have spent decades encoding the afterlife and bringing comfort to the bereaved. They have a weekly “afterlife” report that is worth signing up for (no cost).

Dr. Craig Hogan
Professor of Astronomy & Physics at the University of Chicago & afterlife researcher has devoted his life to afterlife studies & bringing comfort to the bereaved.
Your Eternal Self
Afterlife Connections
Afterlife Research & Education Institute, Inc.

IANDS (International Association of Near Death Studies, Inc.)
When I first read about NDE (near death experiences), it gave me hope that my late husband lives on.


Suzanne Giesemann
Suzanne went from being the Special Assistant to the militaries Joint Chiefs of Staff to a full time medium.

Tim Braun
Tim was the first medium that I sought out after my husband died. The connection was beyond doubt real.

Willa White
The most credible medium I have found.

Debra Diamond
Ex Wall Street banker, now physic medium & medical intuitive.


Judith Orloff MD
Empath, MD, NY Times bestselling author & intuitive.

Dr. Carl Totton
Dr. Totten is where I connected with my late husband. He does EMDR with IADC which is a method to rid one of PTSD and connect with your loved ones on the other side. It works!

Dr. Carl Totton: School Of Remembering


We Don’t Die Radio with Sandra Champlain
A skeptics discovery of life after death.

Science at the tipping point explores all things afterlife, science and how it all connects. This was the podcast that changed my mind about life after death.

Roberta Grimes
Podcast, blogger & afterlife expert.

Buddha at the Gas Pump
Great interviews about expanded awareness, spirituality and more.

Rune Soup
A blog about magic but not what you may think. Positive.

Afterlife TV with Bob Olson
Excellent podcast about all things afterlife.